About Us

Welcome to Manara Capital


Who We Are?

Founded in 2005, Manara Capital is a privately-owned investment firm. It is governed by the Farra family.

Our family has a history in mercantilism, most recently expressed through being a founding partner in Capital Guidance, a 50-year old multi-family global investment company.

We have progressed through generational and business cycles by an adherence to the principles of diligence, honesty, collaboration, and patience.

What Do We Do?

Manara Capital invests across a variety of asset classes including private companies, real estate, and public securities. Our geographic mandate is international with a focus on the Middle East.

Within the realm of private companies, we align ourselves with exceptional management teams and high-growth entrepreneurs to develop enterprises that can generate meaningful value. We have the flexibility to invest directly and through partnerships. The financing stage of development ranges from seed to growth funding. We are equally comfortable being either the sole investor or a minority shareholder with reputable investors. The sectorial preference includes financial services, technology, and food.

Through targeting unique opportunities, the firm provides capital, knowledge, and resources to support portfolio companies in reaching their potential. We can participate across the capital structure and are biased to long duration ownership.

Over the years, we have invested significant capital in over 20 companies.

Our Approach

We build businesses, and are not only financiers. We understand the difference between asking for results and being patient in building a business.

We believe in sharing our experiences and opportunities with like-minded families and individuals and strive to forge partnerships that are rewarding for all stakeholders.